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Ceilidh(*) Band Playlist


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  • cei·lidh - noun (pronounced kay-lee) - [hear it spoken]

    Definition - Celtic, Irish, Scot., and Canadian (chiefly Prince Edward Island). a party, gathering, or the like, at which dancing, singing and storytelling are the usual forms of entertainment. [Origin: Ir céilidhe, ScotGael cèilidh, MIr célide, deriv. of OIr céile companion]

    ceilidh or ceili (pronounced kay-lee) are celtic or gaelic words which refer to a family party or gathering where music and dancing are the main form of entertainment. In North America the same thing is called a 'barn dance' or 'Hoe down' and Australians call it 'bush dance'. The repertoire is based firmly in the tradition with influences from all over the world, just as it always was - and should be. The music has a great feel, in fact the international world music magazine fROOTS pointed out in October 2003; "it’s often hard to tell who’s having the most fun - the dancers or the musicians". This is what dance music should be all about; dynamic movement and having fun. It's all about the dancing, not the dances.